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Why a Marinette (or other aluminum boat)?

bullet Life Span - These boats with proper care last damn near forever and it's less care than other boats. It is estimated that the Majority of the 8000 Marinettes built are still out there with an average age > 20 years.
bullet Cost Effectiveness - A 40 year old Marinette is like to outlast a new boat and even with repairs will still cost far less than a new boat.
bullet It is not true that an aluminum boat will corrode away in sea water. You do have to put anodes on to protect. Marinettes are 50xx series aluminum alloy not 60xx series like some out drives.
bullet Gas and Fuel costs - Lighter and cheaper to run.
bullet Repairable - Aluminum can be welded by a professional for less than a professional repair job for blisters.
bullet Customizable - People make some radical changes to Marinettes (lengthen, Convert to outdrives, add or remove bridges, etc).
bullet People still make lots of aluminum boats so you can get parts (see the Metal Boat Society)
bullet Help is available 
bullet Click here for more opinions on Marinette.






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