Changing Habits with age

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Changing Habits with age

Postby bpboater » Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:30 am

In the 1990's, we had a 32 FB Marinette. Kept it on Lake Cumberland, KY. We could not wait to get there on Friday night and head out to find a cove to tie up with our friends for the weekend. The cove was usually 15 miles away and we tied across the cove with ropes for security in case a storm brewed during the night. We ran the generator in the morning and evenings to keep the batteries charged. All day long, we were in the water floating and partaking of beverages. Life was good and fun. And gas was about $2 per gallon.

In 1998, we moved up to a 41 Marinette. For the first couple of years we coved out on the weekends, but soon found we most enjoyed our friends and water time. And, the evenings were too quiet with little to do. So, we started a new lake lifestyle. Use a pontoon to go to the swimming hole and leave the Big M at the dock as a home base. It was nice -- air conditioning, cable tv, internet, walk to the restaurant, walk for exercise in the morning, etc. So, we gravitated to only using the Big M away from the dock when the temperatures were too cool or wet for pontoon use. After retiring, we also sold our Ohio house and moved to the lake. Now, we occasionally take the Big M for an afternoon cruise because it is only minutes from the house.

Our friends and family are located at the dock and on the water, so we will likely always have a boat that we can sleep on and enjoy. But, the question arises about would I do it all over again? My 41 Marinette is worth about half of what I paid for it. If I had bought an aluminum hulled houseboat, it would be worth twice what it cost in 1998 and NO STAIRS. Given how our boating habits have changed, I would probably buy the houseboat. But, I own the Big M and it is in fantastic condition. So, we will continue to use it as home base.
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Re: Changing Habits with age

Postby thepaintman » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:50 pm

Keep your eyes open for a Big M River Cruiser.
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