A little crazy?

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Re: A little crazy?

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Thanks Tracy! I hope to get it propped correctly this year if they are available or possibly go with either a bravo 2 or 3 outdrive. The used market for bravo outdrives is still quite high for my taste, and I don't have $20k to drop on a pair of new ones. I will try to get a few more pics up of her running on plane, and possibly a video, but I struggle with the technical part of uploading that stuff. I just got my garmin fuel flow meters, so I can dial in my best cruise speed/economy. I won't quit until I get my 30mph at 3,000 rpm, which in itself will provide better economy.
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Re: A little crazy?

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Hopefully they have improved them. I ran the garmin fuel meters for a few years. They warrantied them twice in the first year. After that, I replaced them one more time and then gave up.
I love my newer electronic engines with on the fly fuel information. It is surprisingly accurate. My engines computers aren't tied to the tank gauges, they are working solely off flow rate and they are usually within 2-4 gallons when I fill the boat.
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