Solar panels & house bank

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Re: Solar panels & house bank

Postby Fastjeff » Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:09 am

PS: Didn't mean to just get angry at solar panels, for wind power is another rip off!

These "5 to 50" devices (5 mph plus wind or they don't move--50 plus and they have to be shut down or else) are incredibly expensive to build, install and maintain for the tiny amount of energy they deliver. (Another case of corporate/ political collusion ripping off the taxpayers.) Without billions of taxpayer money (the government hasn't a penny of its own money) they would not exist. Ditto for most solar panel setups.

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Re: Solar panels & house bank

Postby coastie1160870 » Thu May 28, 2020 12:34 am

I had a 1968 32 foot Express, I put two solar panels in a set, 200 watts, (100 watts each) on the helm station hard top. They ended the low battery voltage issue I had, every time I came to the boat and wanted to start it up.. What's more, the new owner has had no problems with the batteries being low, even for winter storage, when he wanted to use the boat.. And he's keeping the set up I installed..! What's more, I am planning to get another set, of the very same ones, for my 32 sedan-bridge, and mount them out on the cabin hard top.. They get plenty of sun, they keep the batteries charged up, and didn't cost an arm or a leg.! Believe me, if they did, I wouldn't have bought them. I only have one leg as it is..!!
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