Waste Tank - 1989 32 Sedan Flybridge

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Re: Waste Tank - 1989 32 Sedan Flybridge

Postby yooper » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:36 am

I replaced the aluminum factory tank under the v-berth with a 20 gallon plastic tank. The metal tank had rotted out. On mine the macerator pump empties a 9 gallon waste tank under the toilet into the top of the 20 gallon tank under the v-berth. Waste is pumped out from the bottom through the deck fitting. There is a valve to close off the pump out line. Small hoses from both tanks are routed to a fixture on the hull to relieve pressure. All this stuff is easily accessed under a trap door in the v-berth. Pump outs are at the marina dock. Some earlier boats were rigged with a valve to have the macerator pump overboard. Totally illegal.

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Re: Waste Tank - 1989 32 Sedan Flybridge

Postby Aquaholic » Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:04 pm

Eric, Were you able to locate and/or replace and add waste or fresh water storage? I also own an 89 Sedan and would like to increase both waste and fresh water capacities. Actually, I have owned my boat for almost two years and have yet to figure out how exactly the waste system and holding works. I have two wast tank/s pump out points on the Starboard side towards the front. One of the threaded plastic caps is stuck in the fitting really well and i have not been able to remove it. i have only ever pumped out of the other one. any diagram/pics of how this system on our boat is laid out would be very helpful to me. Thanks.
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Re: Waste Tank - 1989 32 Sedan Flybridge

Postby jralbert » Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:46 pm

One of those two top side fittings never appeared to be connected to anything and I have read that other owners had the same experience. Can't recall whether it was the fwd or aft one. The only wayi t appeared to get a peek was to remove v-berth side panels.
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