Teak Refinishing

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Teak Refinishing

Postby cantolina » Wed May 22, 2019 4:04 pm

Thought I would share some results from some recent work I've been doing on the woodwork in the "new" boat.

Couple things I learned as I went along:

Strip the wood completely. It becomes a blank canvas, and from that point, you decide how you keep up that beautiful wood.
I started by belt-sanding with 80 grit to remove finish material, and followed up with an orbital sander with 100, to smooth and finish.

When you apply teak oil, do it with a good rag, and not a brush. Brushing allows teak oil to "pool" in spots, especially if there are places that still have a tiny bit of previous finishing products (see above lol). Rubbing it in with a rag makes a much nicer finish.

This photo shows the planks that I first stripped:


This one shows teak oil application results BEFORE I figured out that I should use a rag, not a brush. Its too shiny, and unevenly so.


Last picture shows 3 phases of refinishing. Pieces shown above right are stripped before teak application, three planks on the left are awaiting refinishing from the teak oil mistake, and the rest of the pieces have been freshly urethaned.


I'm very happy with these results. Can't wait to finish up.
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