Water out of spark plugs hole.

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Re: Water out of spark plugs hole.

Postby Leviathon » Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:52 am

I had one of these engines before. "Ran great before it sat for 6 years" One issue I ran into that I did not think of at the time, was the lifters were stuck, not in the holes, but the hydraulic little pistons inside of them were stuck. Sometimes you can work them free, but I took them to a shop and they were convinced they were solid lifters. You could get a lot of "ticking" if they are stuck. Depends on what you are comfortable doing with an engine, but I would pull the top end off completely and check everything. That is still cheaper and easier than a complete rebuild. If you can swing it, to pull engines and put back in rebuilt ones, that is a good feeling! Nothing worse than unreliable engines on the water. Been there, done that.
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