Fel-Pro Gaskets

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Fel-Pro Gaskets

Postby ericinga » Mon Jul 25, 2016 2:16 pm

If you ever need engine gaskets, you can call Fel-Pro or post in their on-line forum. They are very responsive.


I was able to order the top end gasket set for our 318, #17250, through Autozone. The set ships direct from the Fel-Pro warehouse and are a next day delivery. Cost was $134. Standard automotive gasket set was something like $85. There is a big difference between the two gasket sets. The manager tried to convince me to take the in stock automotive set rather than wait. I decided to wait.

FWIW - the lower end gasket set, called the overhaul set, is #17150.
Exhaust riser gaskets (center risers) are #17552.
Lifters are Melling part number JB-2011.

Parts from ebasicpower.com:
LH camshaft is Melling part number MEL23103
RH camshaft is Melling part number MEL23104
Timing Chain set is Melling part number MEL40406
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