Rub rail and other parts

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Rub rail and other parts

Post by Busia »

People have been asking about rub rails and inserts. This company advertises they have them. They are they have a free catalog also. They also have window glazing and hatch seals.
And don't forget there is a lot of info already covered in the subforums down at the bottom of the main page. Lots to review when you have time or questions
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Re: Rub rail and other parts

Post by bcassedy »

Have used Steele Rubber before for rubber channel to install at sliding window edges to reduce air infiltration into boat. Works well.

Also, as mentioned by "BUSIA", there's a ton of info here on the site available through Search feature. Case in point (not hijacking subject, just FYI) our new to us 41' Maquis has a busted window In the salon. "Alumination" Bill put up a good window removal process in 'Window and tint removal thread'.

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